Cervezas Mond is the authentic craft beer from Seville. Natural beer, Craft beer, Andalusian beer.

Our premium craft beer is prepared in our factory in Seville from a traditional process, with the better control systems, with guarantees the high quality of our craft beers. 

We produce craft beers, we employ home-made methods and we use only 100% natural ingredients.

In Cervezas Mond, we don’t filter or pasteurise our beers; so, we got a beer which fermented and is developing in bottle from a natural process. Well, we produce an artisanal product totally pure.

We produce our craft beers, here in Seville; as it has been done for many centuries, with patience, technic and tenderness.

Premium craft beers of high fermentation and re-fermented in bottle.

All our beers are macerated on the fire by following an ancestral process.

We selected the better malt of barley and wheat of different cooking that we add to a meticulous selection of malt (herbaceous, flavourings, fruits) which appear in our own recipes and enchant us with a mix of unique flavours.

In Cervzas Mond, we proposed guided visits of ours facilities, where you will be able to enjoy the unique experience to know the elaboration process of our craft beers. You will discover all the natural ingredients that we use, and the different facilities that we have: cooking room, maceration, fermentation and bottling.





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